Collection Description

Inspired by the industrial spirit that has shaped our current urban landscape, arkhiMODIste (a nine look collection), investigates culture of the worker, craftsmanship and machinery. Themes of utility, the worker's uniform, structure and modification have informed the design process. Through the bold use of color, pattern, texture and signature silhouettes, arkhiMODIste tells the story of those in our past who created legendary work but were unknown to the public; such as, female WWII workers, construction of New York's finest buildings , the history of Kansas City's garment district, pioneering African American architects and seamstresses. The title of the collection takes meaning from archi- (arkhi-, greek),modi- (latin) and modiste (french). 

WHITNEYMANNEY presents PrimaRebelle 

Within defined urban spaces of the world, connections and groups are formed with intentions to reign over claimed territory…whether that "crown" was rightfully ordained or taken by force. But what happens when one person decides it's time for a shift in power?

Inspired by cultural movements such as women's liberation, civil rights movement, the rise and decline of world empires, street gangs, etc.; PrimaRebelle investigates the effects of power, empowerment and revolution. Through the bold use of color, pattern, texture and signature silhouettes; PrimaRebelle defines the tension between royalty, respect and rebellion. 

WHITNEYMANNEY has designed a collection of garments and textiles specific for the vision of PrimaRebelle through the technology of digitally printed fabric, including hand processes such as marbling and airbrushing. The textiles feature motifs reminiscent of royal life while combining them with rough textures and vivid colors to tie in the street art inspired aesthetic WHITNEYMANNEY is known for. Created with fabrics such as denim, organza, chiffon, twill, knits & suede: PrimaRebelle gives women the chance to redefine the roles of power and queenship with structured garments that mix perfectly with ready to wear separates. Continuing the task of constructing wearable art, PrimaRebelle will give an answer to the question of "Who is worthy of the crown?' 


Influenced by the cultural phenomenon of the space age, WHITNEYMANNEY drew inspiration from the desire for exploration, the effects of technology and the idea of retro-futurism: tension between past & future/alienation vs. empowerment. Combining these elements with an aspect of space novelty, the WHITNEYMANNEY S/S ’14 collection entitled Xeno|Iridesupreme is ready to be realized in the form of fashion. The collection will question the future of the world’s urban landscape if we were to board the mothership and abandon our individualized past.

Through the technology of digitally printed fabric, WHITNEYMANNEY has designed a collection of fabrics allowing the label to remain true to it’s aesthetic of creating wearable art. The textile designs will feature saturated color with a mix of realistic texture, linear quality and an element of deconstruction. Layered with fabrics such as cotton silk, organza, knits, poplin and leather the collection will bring the ideals of the space age into the modern era with garment designs featuring clean silhouettes with a streetwear edge.

Bridging the gap between hand techniques and digital processes through color, pattern & design bring Xeno|Iridesupreme to fruition.